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How to Make a Snowflake

Did you know the first photo of a snowflake was taken in 1885 by a farmer in Vermont named Wilson Bentley? To capture the small bit of magic on a photo was definitely an achievement. But what if you could capture the essence with just one sheet of paper?
Snowflakes have always been magical and dear to our hearts, but they always melt away on the tips of our fingers. Cold weather is here, and we want everyone to have a snowflake close by to add magic wherever it resides. But how do we achieve this? With just a few snips here and there with scissors (with the help of a guardian), you can have a snowflake that lasts forever! (Or at least the lifespan of computer paper.) Follow this guide, and don’t forget to share your finished snowflakes with us on social media!
Materials needed: Printer paper, ruler, scissors, and tape to hang it up.

  1. First, start with your piece of paper. Cut it into a 7×7″ square. (Make sure you have a guardian to help cut if you need it.)

2. Next, fold your paper diagonally one time. (Follow the line outlined.)

3. After you have your triangle, fold it one more time to the center.

4. Turn your triangle until it’s upside down, and then fold your triangle in 3 equal parts. (Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be perfect!)

5. Next, fold the sides of your triangle towards the front.

6. Next, fold the other side.

7. Next, flip over your triangle when you see the horizontal edge and cut the two flaps. (Outlined in the photo with a dotted line.)

8. Continued.

9. After cutting the top flaps off, your triangle should look like this. Make sure to grab and hold it by the folded side.

10. Holding your triangle by the folded side, go ahead and cut out some shapes! Don’t go too shape happy, though – you have to leave enough of your folded edge, so you can open up your snowflake fully! (Feel free to cut any shapes you want! The dotted lines are practice!)

11. Cut out your shapes very carefully! When you’re done, gently open up your triangle. Drumroll, please!!!!!

12. TA-DA!!!!! A beautiful snowflake!

13. Repeat this process as many times as you like to create a winter wonderland in your home!

By Shamia Gaither

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