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Jamey Aebersold presents on his life and experiences in the music world. Holiday refreshments will be served in the Jane Barth Anderson Meeting Room. No RSVP required.

Aebersold earned a Master’s Degree in Saxophone from Indiana University, and in 1992 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music by his alma mater. Post graduation, Aebersold transformed the method in which jazz musicians learned to improvise. This launched a stellar career in jazz as a musician and educator. He’s best known for his “Play-A-Longs” which he created in 1967 with the original title, “A New Approach to Jazz Improvisation.” The “Play-A-Longs” have grown to 133 volumes and supplemental books and CDs that Aebersold has successfully marketed globally. Selling more than 5 million “Play-A-Longs” worldwide created a 50 year career in music education and publishing.

In our current exhibition, Jamey Aebersold: An Improvised Life, several of Aebersold’s longtime friends and former students share stories about how Aebersold has touched their lives. In this presentation, you’ll get a glimpse into Aebersold’s perspective!


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