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Whether you (or your child) envision yourself as an animal trainer, a dinosaur expert, or a truck, there is a real joy and power in giving that vision substance and then having someone else see your vision. Creating and sharing a vision is the goal of the Carnegie Center’s Family Fun “Kidsness Cards” activity, happening on Saturday, February 10 from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM in the Jane Barth Anderson Meeting Room.

First, you give details to your rough idea. If you’re a dinosaur expert, how do people ask you questions about dinosaurs? If you’re a truck, what are your special skills? If you’re an animal trainer, what’s your catchphrase? Then, using art materials to create a card gives you a structure for presenting those details. Last, but not least, you get to share your creation and the vision it represents with others (grandparents and teachers are particularly receptive audiences) in the form of a wallet-sized card.

Participants will create their own “Kidsness Cards” for whatever businesses or occupations they can imagine, using cardstock, colored pencils, and markers. Their original drawings will then be electronically shrunk down, and multiples will be created. Children can then pass out their cards like other professionals do in order to share their vision and skills.

The Family Fun Workshop is free to the public and all supplies will be provided. Registration is requested and easily done. If you wish to attend, please email Delesha Thomas at or call the Carnegie Center at (812) 944-7336.  Please arrive by 11:30 AM to have sufficient time to finish this project. Children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all times while in the building.



  • Paper, various colors (or have participant color paper before writing or drawing on it)
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Scanner
  • Computer with MS Word
  • Color printer


  1. Cut paper to approximately 6 inches by 9.75 inches
  2. Brainstorm career/job ideas and contact details (e.g., website, phone number, bat signal, etc.)
  3. Have participant write relevant info on 6 inch by 9.75 inch paper
  4. Use pencils, [crayons,] and markers to add pictures and embellishments
  5. Scan the completed 6 inch by 9.75 in card design into a computer
  6. Create a sheet of 9 business card sized copies of the participant’s card design
    1. Open an MS Word document
    2. Set the document’s margins to Narrow
    3. Insert into that document the picture you just scanned in
    4. Shrink it down to approximately 3.25 by 2.18 inches
    5. Set it to be “in front of text”
    6. Copy the image
    7. Paste it 8 times
    8. Arrange the 9 images in a three by three grid on a sheet of paper
    9. Send the seet of 9 business cards to the color printer
  7. Cut out the cards
  8. Deliver the finished set of 9 business cards to their designer


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