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Art Club!: Spotlight on Drawing Eyes for Middle Schoolers
July 23, 2:15-3 PM

Live via Zoom, Registration Required

Art Club! Spotlight on Drawing Eyes for Middle Schoolers is a live lesson to a live lesson to improve portrait skills, featuring specific techniques for drawing realistic eyes.

“Pull out a piece of paper and a pencil and hang with Julie from the Carnegie Center in this live class, Spotlight on Drawing Eyes. During this 45-minute art lesson, Julie will show you her personal method for drawing human eyes from various angles and with different expressions. The methods in this lesson will build upon the previous Art Club! which showed students how to draw the proportions of the human head–but don’t worry if you didn’t attend that class! We will go over a summary of drawing heads very briefly at the beginning of Spotlight on Drawing Eyes. Prepare to improve your understanding of the anatomy of the eyes for artists, and learn tips for drawing eyes to create different expressions. Because this lesson is not pre-recorded, you will be able to ask questions and receive personalized feedback on your technique.

This project is best for ages 5th through 8th grade who have an interest in art, but older children in the household are welcome to participate.

All skill levels are welcome!

(If providing supplies is a barrier for your young artist, request a free kit at


  • Several sheets of decent drawing paper or a sketchbook

  • A graphite pencil (we recommend a #4B artist pencil)

  • An eraser

  • A small pencil sharpener

Nice-to-have extras:

  • A drawing board

  • A ruler or something with a straight edge


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